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*Starting from July 1, 2024, one month of data will be added on the 1st of each month.


1. Users are required to register prior to downloading the Data and Products of TRITON.

2. Users are prohibited from modifying or redistributing the Data and Products.

3. Users who publish papers utilizing the Data and Products must cite the database source and acknowledge the Taiwan Space Agency (TASA) TRITON Project.

4. Institutions and individuals may propose cooperative observation projects to TASA. The scientific data obtained from such cooperative observations will be shared among project participants and TASA. Papers published using this scientific data must cite the database source and acknowledge the TASA TRITON Project.

5. TASA reserves the right to approve or reject user applications at its discretion.

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  • Level1a

    The information in Level 1a data is the raw data down link from satellite recorded in netCDF format.

  • Level1b


    The Level 1b CorDDM data is recorded in netCDF format and information in Level 1b CorDDM data is the same to level 1a and has been corrected the time shift occurs in receiver software. In Level 1b CorDDM data also record the calibrated DDM which remove the effect from the antenna and receiver.

  • TRITON_TTTTTT_YYYYMMDDHHNNSS_metadata_vV.V_nc (File Description)

    The Level 1b metadata is recorded in netCDF format. The information in Level 1b metadata is the intermediate data calculated from Level 1b CorDDM data for further application. The main information in Level 1b metadata are the code phase and Doppler frequency of specular point, effective scattering area, and normalized bistatic radar cross section etc.

  • Level2

    TRITON_TTTTTT_YYYYMMDDHHNNSS_roughness_windspeed_vV.V_nc (File Description)

    The retrieved ocean surface wind speed (U10 < 20m/s) and roughness (mean square slope and significant height) are recorded in Level 2 data.


TTTTTT:time of the data created from ground station